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Curator, Michael Walsh, asks, “What is a native alaskan? I’ve heard the term Alaska Native and know what that term means. I’ve heard people describe folks who are born here as native Alaskan, little n. How long does it take to live here too be called a native alaskan? I don’t know that answer, I don’t know if anyone does, and if so, does it matter? Should it matter? I think it’s worth a discussion at least. The definition of a native alaskan that I am using for this show is “one who is a life long Alaskan.”

From artists who can trace their family heritage back thousands of years, to artists who are born here as well as artists who may not have been born here, but started young life here. You have chosen to stay here and make art here. Whatever you might consider a true Alaskan, the talent of native alaskans making work here is very impressive.”

Featured Artists: Ruby Kennel, Sonya Kelliher Combs, Drew Michael, Asia Freeman, Ricky Tagaban, Gretchen Sagan, Tehben Dean, Jimmy Riordan, Ethan Woods, Evan Phillips, Carla Klinker Cope, Jennifer Norton, Ryan Romer, Elizabeth Ellis, Mariano Gonzales, Ron Senungetuk, Hal Gage and Rachelle Dowdy

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