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Last night I dreamt in wax

Stilled by cooling into odd shapes formed by its flowing path,
Interrupted by critical temperature.
A victim of its own physicality.

As an artist, I must control the flow, the mass, and the boundaries.

Timing, fusion.

My life becomes an extension of the work.
My fingers, the torch.

As in nature, rules apply,
However there remains the unpredictable nature of the wax.
I strive to discover its secrets.

Damar and beeswax- a combination from nature.
The artist seeking control.

Much as a volcano erupts, despite expert prognostication and prediction,
It’s flow arrested by nature’s topography,
I apply, pour wax onto a surface hoping for a fusion of nature and self.

Trying to set boundaries.
Trying to understand the medium and become one with the process.


Susan Delgalvis, an Ohio native, graduated from Bryn Mawr College and Thomas Jefferson Medical School. She remained a linear thinker until January, 2006 when while vacationing in Taos, New Mexico she “experienced” a pastel artist giving a demonstration. She bought his painting and embarked on an unexpected artist’s journey, initially working in pastel, then onto oil, acrylic and encaustic painting. The body of her work is best-described as abstract expressionism.
Her work has been described as sculptural painting. She is self-taught and has exhibited throughout the United States and in Latvia. She is a member of the Alaska Chapter of International Encaustic Artists and The Encaustic Art Institute.
She and her husband, Andre, a fine art photographer transitioned to Alaska in 2009 and own Sky-Gallery. She practices Hematology-Oncology with the Katmai Oncology Group in Anchorage.

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