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This roster will be updated after the next scheduled AIS teaching Artist Academy on September 26, 2016.

 Deland Anderson: Painting

134 Mountainview Dr                        phone: 907.235.7804

Homer, Ak  99603                             email:

“Dipping a small stick in tempra paint, I build landscape of dots that tingle with a visual rhythm, pattern and symmetry. Kids and teachers delight in this technique using q-tips, chop sticks. bamboo skewers, or wooden dowels to apply the paint. I contextualize my lessons within world culture and history, showing various examples of the use of dots in painting. We explore several Alaska Fine Arts Standards in demonstration, discussion and practice.”


Jack Dalton: Storytelling, Story Creating, Fiction, Literacy, Native Themes 

2207 Spenard Road, Suite 102 phone: (907) 227-4428

Anchorage, AK 99503 e-mail: jack Dalton <>


Age Levels: All

Other Considerations: available in February

“Yup’ik storyteller Jack Dalton believes that the one thing all cultures and human beings have in common is storytelling. He also believes storytelling and story creating are the greatest skills a person can possess, because through story, one can teach absolutely anything. With experience and recognition from international indigenous organizations and village schools alike, Jack Dalton is the perfect artist to bring to your community.” 


Brian Hutton, M.Ed: Puppet Construction, Manipulation and Stagecraft, Spoken Word/Slam Poetry, Mime and 

Improv, Cartooning and Performance Art 

415 D Street, #6 phone: (907) 278-5826

Anchorage, AK  99501 e-mail:

Age Levels: All Other Considerations: Sewing machines preferred.

“Puppetry uses all the disciplines of full-scale theatre production.  Models are extremely useful in the creative and practical processes.  More than a product, the model becomes a problem-solving tool which translates the abstract vision of each of the disciplines into a physical object.. The physics of movement joined with the acting talents of the manipulators produce an entertaining performance, 

often breaking age barriers.”

Ahna Iredale: pottery, ceramic sculpture

2015 Bayridge Road  Homer, Alaska  99603  907-235 -7687

Potter Ahna Iredale  has lived on the Kenai Peninsula since 1983. Working  in clay full time she has exhibited locally , statewide and  nationally. She has  taught  clay classes at the Kenai Potters guild , her studio and  within the last few years participated in  the Artist in Schools program. Classes can be  process or product oriented, using a variety of clays and forming methods. Past projects include Terra Cotta Masks decorated with colored slips, Candle Lantern houses, Hand-shaped Shadow box with symbolic inclusions, Slabs impressed with found objects that became mugs, vases or pencil holder. “My goal is for every student to achieve their own  level of success within the parameters of the assignment. A thematic  concept is chosen and a project is developed around that initial  ‘Big’ idea. Keeping in mind the number of students, time constraints and firing facilities to create a positive experience for , students , teachers and volunteers.”

Art Koeninger: Jewelry Making, Metal Smithing, Lost Wax Casting 

254 Charles Way phone: (907) 235-1014

Homer, AK 99603 e-mail:


Age Levels: Elementary, Junior and High School

Other Considerations:  Water, electricity. Most schools do not have the necessary equipment for these residencies, beyond an occasional propane torch. I travel with sufficient  tools for an average class. A centrifugal machine and  burnout kiln are generally necessary for the casting, which I can supply.

“My students learn the synthesis of ideas, tools and materials into finished products of which they can be proud. They gain confidence expressing themselves in a new medium, while applying practical reading, mathematical and other problem-solving skills. Utilization of local materials and “homestead” techniques may encourage them to purse this work, as can my example as a rural, professional artist. Even so, skills in metal fabricating, soldering, forging and casting may have some practical application in later life such as metal repairs, or in combination with other crafts.” 


Jimmy Riordan: printmaker and book artist

P.O. Box 1126

Homer, AK 99603

Phone: 907 317 0215



Specialization: Printmaking, book binding, paper making, and illustration

Age Levels: All

Other Considerations: None


“I enjoy working with all ages and have experience teaching preschool up through college level. My lessons include simple book making, pop-up, silk screen T-shirts, drawing, cartooning, linoleum and wood block printing. It is my goal to introduce processes and teach skills that can be utilized by students and teachers after my departure and that can be tied into the schools individual history, location and/or their existing curriculum. In this way I am very flexible, eager to develop themes collaboratively with teachers. This is also why I choose to bring in tools, instructions and materials that can be left behind and focus on techniques that do not require expensive or heavy equipment.  Non adhesive book binding, Making paper from recycled and natural materials, using a pasta press for printing, or etching into cereal boxes instead of copper plates are examples. ”


Melisse Reichman: ceramic sculpture

53243 McNeil Canyon Road  Phone: 907-235-6688, cell 314-406-6832

Homer, Ak. 99603 email:

Web site:

Specialization: sculpture, drawing, printmaking

Age Levels: All Other Considerations: electric kiln would be nice if available

“I offer a variety of mixed-media, visual art techniques integrating art with earth and biological sciences, including drawing, clay and life-casting (using alginate to cast face and hands, for example) to make masks for adornment. I enjoy teaching drawing using microscopes, to examine intimate details of the natural world. I have a lot of experience building natural history dioramas for museums, nature centers and schools.  I can do this with students. I will develop a theme collaboratively with teachers.”


Lindianne Sarno: music educator and composer

4297 Kachemak Drive

Homer, Alaska 99603

Phone:  907.235.2952



Specialization:  music education (violin, viola, piano, guitar, ukelele, voice, percussion), composition, songwriting, and ensemble coaching

Age Levels:  Elementary through Adult

Other Considerations:  None


“I teach individual music students in my studio.  At schools I coach music groups such as duets, quartets, choruses, orchestras, bands.  For a workshop or class we identify who wants to play what instruments, and sort out who plays and sings at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.  We choose what kind of music we want to play (folk, classical, originals, pop, rock, Beatles, bluegrass, jazz for example) and formulate a show.  The show can include songs and compositions on a theme, for example historical Seldovia, Alaskan pre-history, beauty of Alaskan land and sky, freedom, peace.  Students and I write out the music with appropriate parts for each level of player, including opportunities for improvisation.  We study the music theory behind the music so everyone understands the music and can play the scales, chords and rhythms inherent in the  music.  We rehearse in sections and together as a large group.  We schedule the performance, promote the show, and perform the show.  Music students who have gone through this process will be qualified to participate in community music groups and to form their own musical groups.  Values emphasized are cooperation, helping each other to learn, the value of practice, discipline when the group is rehearsing together, the attainment of perfection in music, consideration and thoughtfulness towards each other and our audience, gratitude and graciousness to fans after the performance.”





Elizabeth Ware: Shakespearian performance, improvisation, stage combat and other forms of movement.


Elizabeth Ware serves on the Adjunct Faculty at  UAA in the Departments of Communication and Theatre & Dance  where she has directed The Heidi Chronicles and Antigone. Elizabeth was educated at the USIU School of Performing Arts in San Diego and  holds a Master’s in acting from Kent State University.

Age Levels: grades 3-12

“Workshops and residencies are created for the specific desires of each school/community. The students embrace the language of Shakespeare directly through short play performances, improvisation, stage combat and other forms of movement. The Play-a Day class teaches the story of an entire play in a single class period. Shakespeare challenges each student, mind and body, with life lessons in social behavior and etiquette. So put some Shakespeare in your class today!”


Eddie Wood: World Percussion Music in Traditional and Modern Styles, Partner Social Dancing,  Storytelling, Improvisational Movement and Theatre

P.O. Box 511  phone: (907) 235-6160

Homer, AK  99603


Participant in John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’ Seminar, Artists as Educators 


Specialization:  Age Levels: All

Other Considerations: Bilingual – Spanish/English


A world of percussion instruments and a planet full of stories find homes in classrooms of positive risk-takers. We groove with grace and when in doubt…dance!  We explore sound, movement, and storytelling, blended with improvisation towards a performance of our own making. Students, teachers and community share art that reflects who we are and what makes us wonder. Rhythms organize the mind and harmonize the heart.”

“Mr. Wood had the parents and children interacting verbally through music and storytelling that is a rare activity for the families of this region.”

–Cecilia Harmon, Northwest Arctic Borough School District


Allison Warden

907 242 4663

Inupiaq actor, playwright and rapper, Allison Warden, aka “AKU-MATU” empowers expression and creative confidence in youth of all ages through her multi-dimensional workshops, drawing on music, movement, storytelling and theater. Allison has a degree in theater, experience as a highschool drama teacher, and she has performed and toured internationally.


For Middle and High School Students: “Try Rap” – Students collectively are empowered to write a group poem in rap format, around a theme.  All of the students learn to rap together and every single word in the poem is written by them.  The exercise takes about four and a half hours and at the end the students perform their rap – either for other students, or for a larger audience.  Through the workshop, the students learn to truly collaborate and make group decisions.  The end result is empowering and fun to share.


For the younger student groups:

“Try Act” – In this workshop, students learn how to share stories through the process of becoming group “statues”.  Statues don’t speak or move, but they can convey a story with a beginning, middle and end.  This workshop takes about three hours and then it will be changed to allow the students to compliment the older students and their performance.  The students learn movement, story structure and they learn to work independently as a team.  It depends on the level of the students – how far this workshop can go.



Jocelyn Shiro-Westphal: Jazz Dance

P.O. Box 308  phone: (907) 235-3961

Homer, AK  99603 e-mail:

Age Levels: All  Other Considerations: Prefers to work in Homer-area

“As a jazz dance instructor, I impart skills in listening to and moving to different rhythms and styles of music, incorporating elements of jazz dance technique and concepts of level changes, body shape formation, dance improvisation, speed variations in movement, isolated body movements, and floor work. I will also impart knowledge on the history of jazz dance and how it evolved in this country.” 

“Jocelyn’s willingness to work with staff and her ability to bring the creative process to life for students make her an exceptional candidate for any similar kind of opportunity.” Pete Swanson, Principal, McNeil Canyon Elementary School.


Ann-Margret Wimmerstedt: Visual Art

616 Ocean Drive Loop (907) 235 –1575

Homer, AK  99603 email:


When I moved to Homer 14 years ago from Southern California, I was unsure at

how living in Alaska would affect my artistic life. Would I paint mountains,

trees and eagles? I found that instead of being influenced by the external

sights of Alaska, I was offered a richer internal existence from the

community of artists in Homer. The opportunities available for artists here

opened me up to other medias and subject matter. I trained in

drawing and painting, earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts from California State

University at Long Beach. I work with encaustics, fiber and Artist Trading Cards.

Age Levels: All  Other considerations: Prefers to work in Homer.





Martin Zeller: Improvisational Theatre

1060 E. End Rd.

Homer, Alaska 99603



Ages: Grades 3 -12

 “With improvisation one enters the stage with nothing and therefore everything is possible. It is playful, risky, personal, and accessible. Improvisation requires collaborative and creative strategizing and problem solving, active listening and observing. Students develop new thinking strategies, an increased level of personal and collaborative aware, and a sense of their own creative spontaneity. My goal is to offer students an opportunity to explore this creative discipline without fear of “failure”. I bring a professional and experiential understanding to the developmental transitions of youth and an acceptance of each student’s personal narrative. I am excited about teaching and strive to take advantage of the learning moments for each student. Students love the play and the surprises. Improvisation is a formidable creative pathway in which they learn and succeed.”




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