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Protection: Adaptation and Resistance, David Engels, Lower Tanana Songmaking Zoomshop

Learn Lower Tanana Denakenaga’ songmaking from David Engels, who has studied this art for the past twenty years, beginning with his grandmother. This class is sponsored by Bunnell Street Arts Center in Homer, Alaska and Alaska Community Foundation Coronavirus Nonprofit Relief Fund.

October 16-Nov. 14, Friday & Saturday evenings 6-7

Limited space available. Contact David via email

Engels is knowledgeable on various tempos and what they are used for, and what kinds of language is to be used with each song type. Different tempos call for a wide variety of words to be used, many times words change with the tune of the song. Given time to hear
different kinds, and what they are used for. By the end of the session each student will have produced an original composition, in Lower Tanana fashion. This class would be open to all ages, and all
are welcome.

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