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Quentin Simeon, Qanemcikangqertua: I Have Stories to Tell

Please join Quentin Simeon as he reads, recites, and reenacts some of his writings and a pair of traditional stories from his Yup’ik culture on March 31st, 7pm at Bunnell Street Arts Center.

Quentin Simeon is a Yup’ik storyteller who now lives on Kachemak Bay. Since graduating with a BA in English from UAA in 2006, he has been working in higher education and cultural education while serving as an Alaska Native cultural liaison and intercultural communication specialist.

Simeon illuminates the living tradition of contemporary Yup’ik storytelling in five stories: “Tannish Brown Soul: 2002,” an exploration into being bicultural in Alaska; “Mother Hugger: 2003,” an observation of energy, population, capitalism, and entertainment of the time in rhyme; “Martuli: Recent History, a traditional Yup’ik War Story from the middle Kuskokwim”; “Ocular Conflict: 2022,” a traditional Yup’ik War Story about the origins of war in the YK Delta, recited in rhyme, and “Humble Inferno: 2016,” poetic imagery of recovery and rejuvenation.

Tickets are $10-$30 sliding scale.

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