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ReWilding, August 2018

Sheryl Maree Reily is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work advocates for human and environmental health. Her most recent detournement synthesizes work from three distinct series (Disappearing Landscapes, Gray Slavery and Mantle) created during the past five years into a single project titled the ReWilding. She is participating in an AIR program administered through the Dept. of Natural Resources/Alaska State Parks – Kachemak Bay State Park and will be visiting Bunnell Street Arts Center for a presentation August 23, 6-7pm.

Reily is currently travelling in her mobile art studio, photographing the urban wilderness interface, conducting interviews and participating in Alaska wilderness based artist residencies, gathering material for the project.

ReWilding is a series of encounters between man and nature, sited in wilderness locations and urban structures. Using three-dimensional mapping to project video or still images onto non-flat surfaces, including manmade and organic structures, ReWilding will create immersive events that deepen environmental awareness and position human activity in direct relationship to the natural world.

Choice of imagery and sites will emerge from organic collaborations with stakeholders in specific communities and will entail archival research with the intention of bringing transparency to relevant social, economic and environmental issues occurring in local and global contexts. What plays out at the local level is an aspect of global flows, yet it is at the local level that intervention must occur. Each intervention will be accessible via web-based media, live feed and documented for subsequent exhibition, and coordinated with additional performances and community events.

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