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Sharleen Cline, Artist in Schools at Fireweed Academy, March 2022

Art Journaling

“What a fun session! Process art is so freeing and wildly creative. I reminded the kids that these journals were for experimenting and no judgment. Each day had a focus: Monday mixing acrylics with palette knives and creating monoprints by closing their books, Tuesday working with nontraditional tools like string saturated with liquid watercolors and pulling between pages, and drops of rubbing alcohol, Wednesday resist with wax, painter’s tape, contact paper and watercolor, plus creating texture with modeling paste on their journals’ covers, and Thursday stamping with objects like bubble wrap and painting their textured covers with acrylic paint…

My favorite part of teaching is learning from my students. I was shown so many wonderful variations and inspired by pure art play that I hope to recreate in my own art studio.” – Excerpt from Sharlene Cline’s Report

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