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Showing in August: Unalaskana

“As a painter and lover of lush Alaskan landscapes, I have long been impressed with the tenacity of artists who resist objectification of this beautiful place. In fact, many Alaskan artists disavow what has been called “alaskaporn,” in favor of more subjective imagery that offers their truthful and gritty perspective of Alaska. Here are four artists I greatly admire for challenging Alaska’s romantic image with verve. Angela Ramirez presents an ironic beauty, splendor in the skies from her neighborhood of Spenard in Anchorage. Rachel Mulvihill describes details of a not-so-picturesque Fairbanks backyard. In her interiors, hunt for glimpses of the quotidian “Alaska” in paintings of other well-known Alaskan painters. Duke Russell enchants us all with his humor and hyperbole, poking fun at the proverbial Alaska. In his video installation, “Its Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel,” Michael Walsh dares to poke fun at the latest Alaskan career opportunity, “reality TV,” which exploits perceptions of life in the Last Frontier. What is the real Alaska?  All of it!  Tremendous beauty and, lest we forget in the peak of summer’s romance, enough adversity to require good humor from true Alaskans.”
–Asia Freeman, Curator

Michael Walsh, installation “Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel,” oil drums, video, 4 mins, looped, sound
Rachel Mulvihill, paintings, “Blue Shovel,” 24″ x 26″ oil on canvas, 2012
Angela Ramirez, mixed media on Arches paper, Sunsets in Spenard, 2013


Duke Russel, “Breaking the Myths of Alaska,” 16″ x 24″ acrylic on panel, 2013

Gallery Hours:

Mon thru Friday 11-6 Sat 10-6 Sun 12-4





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