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Standing in Solidarity

Dear friend,

We have so much work to do. Bunnell, like many cultural organizations today, is working with and through issues of racial injustice and economic inequity that underpin national unrest and grief. At heart, Bunnell’s work right now, through all that we do, is to reshape a space for inclusivity and equity for all people. As we call this place home, how can we raise accountability around the theft of land from Indigenous people, and the ongoing violence toward Black and Brown people at the root of the American colonial project?  How can we build strong organizations and communities? This is deep, collective work which can only be achieved inclusively. Bunnell is not inclusive enough. Homer is a colonial project, built and managed by settlers. We have much more work to do to include and empower people of color. We strive to learn, share and grow community compassionately, authentically and respectfully, to disrupt and transition from the settler narrative of progress, to reckon with the harsh impacts of White supremacy. It is time to lift barriers to access, opportunity, health and safety for all people. Bunnell Street Arts Center staff and board stand in solidarity with black, brown, and Indigenous people who are making their voices heard. We have adopted this values statement of the Western States Arts Federation. Let’s do this work together.

—Bunnell Street Arts Center 

Our colleagues at artEquity have compiled an excellent list of anti-racism resources for taking action, making donations, and self-educating here.

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