Inspiration & Adaptation

Karen Stomberg & Elissa Pettibone, November Exhibit 2020

Karen Stomberg Artist Statement:

Traces– Plants from the Kachemak Bay Area

I am very conscious of the preciousness of our world and the efforts made by science to protect, preserve and document each piece of it. So, though this work began with drawing the beauty of iconic wildflowers, it deepened as I considered their twin qualities of fragility and resilience. I decided to draw herbarium plant specimens, touching on the stories they tell through time and place. I am drawing four Kachemak Bay area plant species, each three times: first, dried specimens collected by the 1899 Harriman Alaska Expedition, then, mid-twentieth century specimens from the UA Museum of the North herbarium, lastly, the live plants I collected near Seldovia in 2019.

Elissa Pettibone Artist Statement:

SwatchesFor this exhibition, I have developed a series of colors derived from Alaskan plants within the Kenai Peninsula region, creating large scale swatches and a color library depicting the results of over 50 experiments. All local plants were ethically collected and tested for dyeing purposes during the spring, summer and fall of 2019.

Bio: Elissa Pettibone has been exploring historic and local dyes for over a decade, experimenting with plant-based dyes as an alternative to caustic dyes within the textile industry. Her experience with plant dyes started at The North House Folk School in Minnesota, throughout college at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and professionally on the east coast, primarily in Philadelphia and New York City, and now throughout Alaska. She has lectured, taught classes and produced custom natural dye orders for corporations, designers and artists. Her work is an investigation into the limitless spectrum of color that exists in our surrounding flora.


Artist Talk, Friday November 6 @ 6pm via Zoom / FBlive. Please register in advance: