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Clayworks at Bunnell- Marie Herdegen, Cynthia Morelli & Lisa Wood

Black Tea Service by Marie Herdegen porcelain, 9" x 12" x 8"
Marie Herdegen
Salt & Pepper Lambs by Marie Herdegen
Toast with Jam and Tea for two by Cynthia Morelli
Dinner for 4 by Cynthia Morelli
Circles by Lisa Wood
All in the Same Boat by Lisa Wood ceramic tray with ceramic glasses, 21" x 5" x 4"
Low Tide Cruets by Marie Herdegen
Low Tide Cream and Sugar by Marie Herdegen
And the Eyes of the World are Watching by Cynthia Morelli
Appetizers for 18 by Cynthia Morelli
Vessels by Lisa Wood
"Its all about oil?" Oil dispensers by Lisa Wood
Garden Party by Marie Herdegen
Salt and Pepper Pigs by Marie Herdegen
Appetizers for 12 by Cynthia Morelli
Sushi and Saki for One by Cynthia Morelli
Sisters by Lisa Wood
No Filter by Lisa Wood
End Game by Lisa Wood
Marie Herdegen

Marie Herdegen

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