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Thorey Munro, Online Exhibit and Artist Talk, May 2020


“Sun Rhyme II (Waterhaul), collage, 8″x10”


Artist Statement-


My work is a conversation with the inner lives of landscapes, bodies, light and time. The collages in “Sea-change” are a conversation with the ever-shifting tidal, seasonal, surreal, and sleep-deprived river landscapes of Bristol Bay. The collage process illuminates an underlying entanglement of water, light and life. I cut and fit photographs of my own with historical images to see nonlinear time as a place to dream about future. The images loosen up associations of form and meaning, scale and time, and tease out new connections from existing materials.


The sun drawing photographs (solargraphs) are made from long-exposure pinhole cameras affixed as witnesses. They soak up time from the sun’s light to show the movements of days, weeks, seasons in a single image. They are a tool to see time embedded in landscape, the extreme shifts in seasonal light, and to remind us that everything is always in motion.


The collages, books and solargraphs in “Sea-change” are games: apparatuses to tease, dig, rhyme, and ask questions of landscapes in time.



Scale Studies

Scale Book

River Books

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