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Tor Lukasik-Foss as Artist in Residence, April 2023

Bunnell Street Arts Center welcomes multidisciplinary artist Tor Lukasik-Foss from April 1 – 30th. Tor will host a community outreach booth called “I AM NOT PSYCHIC” and hold open studios throughout the month. He will give an artist talk at April’s First Friday and a KBBI broadcast concert on April 17th.

“The majority of my creative work over the past two decades has explored the subtle mechanics that inform how people connect to each other, and how people connect to place. In particular, I am fascinated in social anxiety as a disruptive, paradoxical yet also generative energy, one that both separates people as well as leading them to incredibly creative strategies of connection. In 2015, I launched a project entitled “I AM NOT PSYCHIC’—essentially a fortune-teller booth designed specifically for those who have no psychic or mystical power. Informed by my befuddlement in crowded or chaotic public spaces, the booth offered a way to invite strangers, one at a time, into rich and reciprocal conversations.”

While in residence at Bunnell, Tor will:

  • Exhibit installation artwork and drawings for the month of April.
  • Host a talking Booth “I AM NOT PSYCHIC” as a tool of exploration, discovery, and introduction to the people of Homer. Thirty-minute appointments are available for booking Saturdays and Wednesdays 1pm – 5pm, from April 12 – 26. Call Bunnell 907-235-2662 or email to register.  Please book ahead.
  • Open studio sessions on April 13th and April 20th from 5-8pm
  • A Bunnell Arts By Air KBBI broadcast concert on April 21st at 7pm. (In-person audience must be seated by 6:45pm.

Bio: Tor Lukasik-Foss is Canadian-born artist of Norwegian/British descent based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. His practice includes and combines large scale installation, drawing, assemblage and performance, all of which attempts to disrupt the binary between public and private space, between performer and audience, between the strange and familiar. He has exhibited and performed throughout Canada and sporadically in the U.S. Tor is a founding member of TH&B, a 4-person artist collective dedicated to site-responsive art installations and performances that highlight the urban and natural infrastructures surrounding the Great Lakes—the largest freshwater lake system on earth—lying on the US/Canada border. Tor also performs under the pseudonym ‘tiny bill cody’ and has released several collections of original songwriting over the last two decades.

This program is made possible with a Healthy Communities: Arts, Culture, Play grant from the Alaska Community Foundation, as well as Bunnell members like you.

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