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“Tune in: Homer” Audio Soundscape by Andrew O’Connor

Tune In: Homer” is an audio soundscape featuring voices of people and place in Homer created by sound artist Andrew O’Connor, from Toronto, Canada.

O’Connor created this audio installation from soundscapes and interviews he captured while  artist-in-residence at Bunnell Street Arts Center during the month of April 2024. The audio installation is four unique audio loops transmitted from stations located around Old Town, Homer. Anyone can experience this installation by listening to a transistor radio set to 98.1 FM and walking slowly through the neighborhood between Bunnell Street Arts Center, Two Sisters, Islands and Ocean Visitors Center, Bishops Beach, and The Driftwood Inn or on roads, trails and Bishop’s Beach. The transmission comes through more clearly when you pause. Sit at a picnic table, a rock, a bench or a beach log on any of these routes. At times you will experience two transmissions as you move from one transmitter to the next. Borrow a handheld transistor radio from Bunnell Street Arts Center set to 98.1 FM and tune in!

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