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Valisa Higman, Artist in Schools at Seldovia, April 2023

Valisa Higman and Jenifer Cameron at Susan B. English School, April 2023.

“The projects included creating painted topography lines and printed map “pins” depicting activities and places enjoyed by the 45 participating students and four teachers in Seldovia and the surrounding area. After the mural was painted, all students (including Seldovia Community Preschool) and community members who came to view the mural when it was finished, picked places on the stylized map that were important to them, and marked those places by “pinning” them with painted place markers. Using place-based concepts, the art lesson introduced them to printmaking and watercolor painting. It was fun talking to the students about the types of activities they liked to do, and where they liked to do them, and finding ways to visually represent that using drawing and printmaking techniques. We invited the community to the school to view the mural and the students’ artwork created during the week. This was also a really great way to wrap up the project…”

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