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Alongside the 2024 Dinner in the Street (June 2), Bunnell is inaugurating the Virtual Giving Gallery. The gallery invites collectors downsizing their art collections to donate those works to this initiative, which aims to fund grant opportunities for Alaska artists.

The resale of donated artwork seeds funds such as the Artist Emergency Fund and the Alex Combs Fund administered by Bunnell Street Arts Center to support local and state-wide artists and support a vibrant arts ecosystems.

Bunnell pays living artists a royalty from the resale of their artwork and retains a percentage from the sale for the administration of these funds.

Do you have artwork that you would like to donate? Please email if this speaks to your legacy giving vision.

Thank you to the founding donors of the Giving Gallery, Rika Mouw and Jo Michalski!

Virtual Giving Gallery viewable on June 2nd, 2024

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