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Woodard Creek begins in Woodard Canyon above Karen Hornaday Park and meanders through Homer into Kachemak Bay at Bishop’s Beach. The creek connects neighborhood properties and businesses. But like many water systems, Woodard Creek suffers from erosion, loss of flood plain, or culverting as it runs underneath parking lots and streets, hidden from view and thought.

In 2014, a group of interested land owners and community stakeholders joined together to form the Woodard Creek Coalition with a mission of promoting the health and safety of the Woodard Creek Watershed as a community asset. The project sought to respect public and private property and promote the natural integrity of the watershed. Together, arts, education, environmental, and governmental organizations, as well as interested citizens, articulated a shared vision and watershed plan, adopted by the City of Homer in 2017.

The vision for the future of Woodard Creek imagines “daylighting” the creek, bridge culverts, protecting the flood plain and watershed, and developing parks, art installations and trails for community access.

Link to City Resolution

City Resolution in Support of Woodard Creek

A Resolution of the City of Homer, Alaska, Recognizing the Natural Functions and Values of the Woodard Creek Watershed, Acknowledging the Woodard Creek Coalition’s February 2017 Woodard Creek Watershed Plan,…

Woodard Creek Flows Here

Woodard Creek is a vibrant natural asset connecting the community from Karen Hornaday Park to Bishop’s Beach. Volunteers from City government, arts and culture, sciences and recreation teamed up to…

Woodard Creek Cultural Corridor

Bunnell Street Art Center’s aim to strengthen the community through artistic engagement interfaces with other local efforts strengthening our environmental resources for economic, cultural and physical health.   Highlighting Woodard Creek…

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